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Why Moonlight Medical Physicians & Healthcare Providers Moonlight?

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Why Moonlight Medical Physicians & Healthcare Providers Moonlight?

Moonlight Medical, Inc. provides hundreds of healthcare providers across the United States with highly flexible, well-compensated, low risk supplemental income or “moonlighting” opportunities. Although we offer other services, our primary focus is providing non-treatment based independent health assessments and disability evaluations for state and federal government, legal and business clients across 14 states (and growing). These evaluations are performed inside our clinics, supported by our clinical staff, and serviced by our ancillary partners. 

Healthcare providers partner with us for a myriad of reasons. Some join to excite a slower than expected retirement schedule. Others seek to maintain their clinical experience during maternity leave or a medical fellowship or during a non-clinical residency program (whereby Moonlight often writes letters of support for our residents’ during their full-time job search). Several of our providers desire to escape the bureaucracy and frustrations of “big medicine” for a simple outpatient setting. That said, most of our physicians and allied health professionals’ work with us to generate steady supplemental income to help offset the growing expense of everyday life.

Every month, Moonlight Medical compensates hundreds of providers for work performed in our Friday or Saturday clinics – we pay all of our providers via electronic deposit within fourteen days of their completing their exam reports. After a quick survey, we identified the five most common ways our physicians and allied health providers use their annual Moonlight earnings. They are as follows:

  1. Help pay down medical school debts
  2. Fund an annual family vacation (or two, often to exotic destinations)
  3. Contribution to kids’ college funds and expenses
  4. Help offset the hefty mortgage and operating expenses of a new home
  5. Increase their retirement savings and investments

In summary, we are honored to partner with outstanding healthcare professionals nationwide and we are very proud to help them achieve their personal and professional goals. If you are a healthcare provider seeking to generate supplemental income, please reach out to us asap by visiting www.moonlightmedical.com to enter your contact information. You can also call our office at 877.512.3621 and speak directly with our recruiting staff. As always, we sincerely thank all healthcare providers for the very important work they do every day.